Seattle day two

Before I dive into the daily recap, let me say that the network here at the Westin is crap.  There is no upload bandwidth at all.  I’m have to upload images to Facebook in one’s and two’s (and these are files of less than 100k each).  Anything more than that and it craps out.

In addition, my Cisco VPN software connects to the office but I have no routing.  It works well everywhere, but not in this hotel.  If something comes up at the office it appears I’ll be out seeking some from wi-fi.

As for the day I made the trek up to Sonicboom Records in Captial Hill.  It pretty much an uphill climb the whole way, but well worth it.  Easy Street and Sonicboom are great stores, but if I had to pick I would go with Sonicboom… maybe because I found it first… but probably because I’ve had better luck finding things that appeal to me.

Like today, Julie(?) was playing something in the store that caught my ear.  Turned out be music from a band called The Orb.  I kind of listen around the edges of electronica, but this was too good to pass up.  Along with this CD I picked up some great used CDs from the Eels, Voxtrot, Sparklehorse and Sigur Ros.  I was there well over an hour and went through just about everything.  Oh, I almost forgot.  I picked up a 7″ single of Rooks from Shearwater.

The Shearwater single lead to an interesting encounter.  There’s a lady who stands just down from the store selling a local newspaper for a buck.  I remember her from last year so I said hello as I passed her on my way in.  On my way out, she asked me if I bought any vinyl.  Is said yes and pointed to the Shearwater record.  She said good, we’ve got to save our record players.

Lunch today was Taxi Dog in Pike Place market. Not the most glamorous of lunches and certainly not the most healthy, but very good.  Just a koshur dog with kraut, spicy mustard and bun (times two).

I spent some time strolling through the market, but there wasn’t anything that really grabbed me.  If I lived here it would be different.  Tons of fresh fruits, veggies and seafood.  There’s just nothing like this in NC. I also strolled through some of the shopping district, but again there just wasn’t anything that would pull me into a store.

Late in the afternoon I went down to the dock/pier where they launch the cruise ships. You can get some great pictures of the city from down there (pictured).

I did an early dinner tonight at Serious Pie. Its Tom Douglas doing pizza and its excellent.  The cherry bomb, fennel sausage pizza is a killer.  Highly recommended.  I’ll eat here at least one more time before leaving… and I’m tempted to walking up there again now (yes, I ate too early and they do offer take out).

More pictures are here.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.07.20.

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