Mono in VCF

This may be a wierd post.  I went to see Mono in VCF last night, but find I also must speak highly of the venue… the venue being the Triple Door.

First the latter.  First time I’ve been to the Triple Door.  Interesting venue.  I would call it a nightclub, with its fixed table arrangement and its atmosphere.  I was in the thrid row of seats, but I doubt there is a bad seat in the house.  Food was killer good.  I highly recommend the crab cake appetizer and the Cambodian style salmon. And for once, I picked a wine that complimented the meal (a rarity for me).

Now the former.  Umber Sleeping opened (which I was not aware of until just before leaving for the show).  They’re another Tacoma-based band and a good one at that.  The gentleman seated next to me was a wealth of information on both bands (hi Jeremy). I had hoped to pick up a CD after the show but none was to be had.

Mono in VCF were great. I love Kim Miller’s vocals and what amazed me was how much Jordan Luckman’s bass drives each song.  Its almost as if the bass is the lead guitar.  And you have to love the way Hunter Lea plays the keyboard with his guitar (while playing guitar).  They played two new songs, both of which I can’t wait to obtain.  Hopefully, this group will make it to East coast in the near future.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.07.20.

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