I do not have an iPhone.  I would like one.  Thought about it, but the entry price on the version one models was just too much to swallow.  In addition, without “push” mail functionality there just wasn’t enough incentive for me to pursue it.

Given that the version 2 iPhone is to hit on 7/11… with “push”…, you would think I would be all over it.  You would be wrong.

While the phone price has dropped — the 16GB for $299 — the monthly fees are f@#$ing outrageous.  I’ve read two articles on pricing… David Pogue and BusinessWeek…  and the only conclusion I can draw is that an iPhone is cost prohibitive (this my be true for all smartphones, but the rest of them are crap).

Breaking it down I have a $18 signup fee since I already have AT&T service.  Then I can pay anywhere from $69.99 to $129.99 per month for a data/voice plan, $20/mo for unlimited text messaging, $15/mo for Exchange support and finally anywhere from $6 to $60/mo for International data/voice. Best guess, I’d be somewhere in the$150/mo range. That would $1800 a year in services fees for the iPhone.  NO F@#$ING WAY.

ITS JUST TOO DAMN MUCH. I love the iPhone and will probably pine to have one, but I’m not spending $1800 per year for a phone.  Drop the amount of the service fees and I’ll reconsider, but not until then.

[Addendum] – It now appears that there is additional $10/month charge for GPS.  Utterly ridiculous.

[Addendum] – After talking to a few folks who have managed to obtain a new iPhone it appears that a lot of the above information about pricing is just crap.  No one can confirm the GPS charge and there appears to be some variance in the “Exchange” pricing (if any charge at all).  I still waiting for someone at the office to actually make a purchase so I can get the bottom line costs.  If its less than $100/mo I may reconsider my position.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.07.02.

2 Responses to “iPhone”

  1. Well, if you don’t mind the loss of the classy design and interface of the iPhone, Blackberry’s have been doing all the features the iPhone has and hasn’t for years now.

  2. I wouldn’t say all the features, but it definitely has had the “push” mail thing nailed for quite a while.

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