There are some really worthless oversight committees, groups, etc., but one of they worst must be ICANN.  I’ve yet to see anything resembling a logical course of action come from their organization.  Their latest move…  the freewheeling, name it anything you like TLD scheme… is just a f@#$ing nightmare for anyone having to deal with brand protection.

I work for a company that has a major brand.  We do what we can to protect it, but its a hopeless chase.  Someone registers “brandstore.com”.  We challenge it and get the name.  Next person comes along and registers “mybrandstore.com”. We challenge it and get the name and so on.  We’ll never ever use these names, but we keep having to buy them out to take down the sites.

We can never win because you can pretty much tie anything you want to the brand name and register it.  I get bi-weekly reports on all the new registrations and all it shows me is how out of control this situation has become.

This new scheme pretty much says forget it.  There will not be enough time in the day to chase down all the variations this scheme allows.  It might be the “free thinker’s” approach, but as far as being benificial to businesses and users it’s an utter failure… but hey, utter failure is exactly what ICANN(T) is.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.06.30.

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