Best of 2008… so far

Last weekend’s broadcast of Sound Opinions featured what they entitled “the best of 2008… so far”. While I enjoy this radio program, the music recommendations they make usually leave me scratching my head —

One interjection. I appreciate the heads up on the new My Morning Jacket CD.  I like the band and love some of their work, but that CD will not be one I add to my collection.  Other than the open track, blah.

— and in this case, there wasn’t one recommended CD I would even consider gracing my hard drive.  That being the situation, here’s my best of 2008… so far:

The Acorn, Glory Hop Mountain
Elbow, The Seldom Seen Kid
Mobius Band, Love Will Reign Supreme
Mono in VCF, Mono in VCF
Plants and Animals, Parc Avenue
Shearwater, Rook
Throw Me The Statue, Moonbeams

I’ve seen the Acorn and Shearwater (twice).  I missed Throw Me The Statue because of work and bad weather cost me Mobius Band.  Plants and Animals are coming in the fall (bless you Local 506).  I’ll see Mono in VCF in July (amen for The Triple Door).  Elbow is one of those bands I hope to see in my lifetime if its at all humanly possible.

There are some other CDs missing from this collection, but its not fair to toss things on the list that I’ve only listened to a couple of times.  And tomorrow Earlimart drops their lastest CD and I can hardly wait.  BTW, I see them in July as well at Chop Suey. I’m getting pumped for Seattle.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.06.30.

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