Nik, Johnathan and Maria

On Monday I went to my last show at the Cradle for a while — Nik Freitas, Johnathan Rice and Maria Taylor.

Nik opened.  I have no background on Nik, but I do have his song Sun Down on iPod rotation.  A combination acoustic and acoustic/bass/drums set.  Pretty good stuff.

I’ve seen Johnathan before when he opened for Ben Gibbard.  I like his music for the most part, but live is how he should be experienced. His between song banter with the audience is always worth a laugh.  Surprisingly, Maria played the drums and Nik played the electric for Johnathan’s set.  Its not often you see the headliner playing with a preceding act, but this was quite enjoyable.

BTW, the pictures for Johnathan are probably the best I’ve ever taken.  Being tall, I usually stand off to the sides, but both sides were taken so I stood upfront near the middle.  With all that light, the pictures came out much better than normal.

Maria was up last.  She played several songs from her upcoming CD and based on what I heard, it should be good.  I thought maybe Nik or Johnathan would join her, but it didn’t happen.  She played about an hour and performed two solo songs as an encore.  I’ve had tickets twice before to her shows and had to cancel twice.  It was good to finally get to see her. Well worth the wait.

More pictures here.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.06.18.

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