Eating In

Wired has a brief article today on one of several studies about the economic changes developing from the high price of gas. It states that “Six in 10 eat out less often”.  I’d be in that camp… and that would be much less often.

Prior to the $4/gallon prices, I would eat out every day at lunch and eat in at night.  Now I never go to lunch.  I either carrying my lunch or eat something from the food drawer in my desk (which has fig newtons, Balanace bars, wheat crackers and the like).  There’s a McDonalds across the street and Hardees not much farther, but that’s crap. Anything healthy and/or appetizing takes a drive.

As for dinner, I might eat out once maybe twice a week but that’s only if I’m already out for something else.  I hate to not patronize some really good resturants, but money is money.  And I drive a Ford Expedition, which certainly doesn’t help matters.

Do I see this pattern changing?  No, not any time soon.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.06.18.

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