I know casual business attire has pretty much become the norm, but this statistic surprised me:

A Gallup Poll last year found that only six men in 100 wear a tie to work every day. In 2002, it was 10 in 100. That’s a drop in the ranks of the necktie league of 40 percent in just six years.

I had not realized that it had become that uncommon.  And much like the article about the only time I wear a tie is for funerals or weddings. Other than those occasions, the last time I wore a tie was at a trade show last fall.

As for the rest of my attire it hasn’t drifted to t-shirts and sandals for M-F work week, but I am drifting to more days in jeans.  Saves on dry cleaning which consequentially saves on gas (one less stop).

~ by Genevieve on 2008.06.14.

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