Walks like a duck

So I read that the Supreme Court has given Bush the old smack down yet again for the nightmare of Guantanamo.  Good for the Court.  Habeas corpus could use some resurrection after the last eight years of abuse.

Being the campaign season, the media were quick to seek the candidates reactions.  While Obama lauded the decision, McCain railed against it.

At one time I would have voted for McCain, but those days are long gone. In fact, each day he becomes less and less the man I once respected.  I think he’s turning into Bush.  He’s certainly sucking up to his policies like a f@#ing Dyson. Tax cuts. Wiretapping.  And now this.

I believe he’s trying the walk like a duck, talk like a duck approach in the hopes that all those fools who supported Bush in the last two elections will continue to stay the course.  I hate to tell him, but the rats are jumping this ship.  The more he tries to ape the Bush policies, the worse he’s going to do come November.

What really gets me about this is that Mc was a POW… a POW in a big way.  I would think a man who had been through that would be the first in line to support the cause of a war prisoner (guilty or innocent), but I guess the man that survived that POW camp of the Vietnam war is gone.  What he is now I don’t know, but he’s not someone who has any business being President.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.06.13.

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