Cold Calls

Either my name and number have made someone’s call list or things are hurting in the technology world. I had a handful of calls this week from several no-name companies all attempting to sell me software and/or services.

The majority of these calls are pitches for SEO or some spin on SEO that will guarantee me a number one ranking in Google and tons of traffic. I’m sure they can do that given the right amount of money, but for what keyword? Being ranked for padded bras, when we sell roofing tacks would not exactly be a plus.

What was refreshing… if you can call it that.. were the other calls. Yesterday, a really perky woman tried to sell me a subscription to an Internet marketing newsletter… a newsletter I just couldn’t live without. Sorry, but I gleam the majority of my information from the Internet… not from a $200+/year four page, monthly newsletter of already out-of-date subjects. I know I just made her day.

Today’s call was even better. It was a gentleman from a CMS company (sorry, can’t recall the name). I politely said I wasn’t interested. He couldn’t believe me. It was “What?!? Your not interested?” No, I’m not. Not in the least. “But aren’t you the web master?” Yes, and that’s why I’m not interested. “Well, okay”. Click (on his part). There was a little more to it, but that was the gist. He was rather indigent I do believe.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.05.30.

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