The Jealous Girlfriends and Sea Wolf

The are some nights when the crowd and the bands just never mesh.  This was one of those nights… which is unfortunate considering the talent of both.

I’m skipping the opening act… which is just not worth discussing other to say that they played too many songs.  Anyway, the Jealous Girlfriends were good but they only played seven, maybe eight songs (I think).  I would have loved many more, but it was not to be as the middle act.  I need to listen to their MySpace page because I liked what I heard.

Sea Wolf was my reason for being at Local 506 (their CD Leaves in the River was in my top three for 2007).  I had high hopes for this show and while they were great it just felt like a struggle… for them and TJGs. It was actually a larger crowd than a typical Local 506 show, especially for a West Coast band, but the crowd just never got into it.  If left the bands with no crowd energy… nothing they could feed off.  Even the between song bantering was a struggle (and one none-to-sober fan didn’t help matters).

Anyway, I heard pretty much all the songs I was hoping to hear and would definitely go see them again. Buy the CD if you don’t have it.  You will not be disappointed.  Pictures, such as they are, can be found here.

p.s. It was funny. Before Sea Wolf took the stage a woman comes up to me and asks if her 90 year old grandmother could have my seat.  It caught me off guard, particularly since there was no grandmother in site.  Being the idiot that I am I didn’t pick up on it being the cello player for Sea Wolf.  I honestly didn’t believe her, but once she stepped on the stage it all fell into place. My apologies.

I would have certainly given up my seat to anyone’s grandmother, particularly one that would come to Local 506.  Her grandmother actually ended up sitting behind me.  I offered my spot, but she was okay where she was at.  Sometimes I’m just dense. Oh, well.

p.s.s. The cello player was cute.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.05.25.

2 Responses to “The Jealous Girlfriends and Sea Wolf”

  1. […] of a rarity.  The Jealous Girlfriends opened. This is the second time I’ve seen them at 506 (last time was with Sea Wolf). There were new songs this time… or at least new to me… and the songs I do remember […]

  2. […] earlier mentioned “going through the motions”.  The first time I saw Sea Wolf, that was the impression I left with. There was no spark. No energy. That was absolutely not the […]

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