Cave Singers

This was an interesting show that people should shoot themselves for missing.

I have no idea who opened, but I give him credit for being smart.  The crowd was hanging out in the bar so to get things rolling he took his acoustic guitar and started playing in the bar.  He gradually worked his way to the stage bringing the crowd with him.  I’d say his songs were most like Jose Gonzalez, but that’s may be a reach (honestly I’m horrible at making comparisons).  On his last song, he reversed his opening strategy and played as he gradually walked out the club door.

Wil Donegon and the Apologies (or was it the Americans?) were up next.  Interesting stuff.  No clue what to offer as a comparison.  During one song he donned his UNC cap and gown (Wil graduates today).  Not sure what to make of that.  Short set, but good.

Finally, the Cave Singers tool the stage.  These guys are awesome (and if you missed it you should regret it). I think they played about ten songs, including… possibly… two new ones (be sure to check out Invitation Songs; their first release).  I know the crowd was small, but it usually is for West Coast based bands (Seattle no less).  I just hope they come back this way.

Pictures here.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.05.11.

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