It’s not Tommy Tutone.

It’s not phone sex (unfortunately).

Let’s see if I can recall who this is?  I would hate to mis-remember… especially with all the sniper fire occurring  around me as I type.  Oh, yeah.  It’s the Hilary campaign robo-calling to badger the hell out of me (second time).  If I could slam the phone down I would, but that’s just not possible on a mobile.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.04.27.

One Response to “803-667-4084”

  1. yea. I received the call twice tonight alone. The other day I answered it and it was a recording of Hillary’s daughter saying her MOM is going to be in my area! I thought wonderful! Maybe we could invite her over and have a BBQ! Ha-Ha-Ha! The presidental race is almost over. Thank goodness for that. Let’s hope we luck out!

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