Iron and Wine

Its been way over a month since I’ve seen a band, so it was good to get out again.  Memorial Hall is a great place to see a performance… good acoustics and really no bad seats.  Califone opened. I would put them somewhere between the Dave Matthews In These Crowded Streets period and the Discipline/Three of Perfect Pair years of King Crimson.  I know that’s too diverse musical tangents, but that’s about the best I can do.  Good stuff.

I don’t have an abundant catalog of Iron and Wine tunes, but I do like what I have.  I was expecting quasi-acoustic set based on his most recently release (The Shepherd’s Dog) and that’s what I got… in a big way. There were eight musicians on stage for most of the show and at one point there were ten (with members of Califone).  It was about a 90 minute show with one song as an encore.  Quite enjoyable, although I hated being so far away from the stage (I was in the balcony).

Crowd was tame to comatose, but to their deference it wasn’t a show to be raucous.  I’d say both bands are worth seeing at least once (maybe twice).


~ by Genevieve on 2008.04.16.

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