Leopard Revisited

I’ve been running Leopard for a while now so I thought it was time I revisited my earlier impressions (that it wasn’t a step forward; possibly a step back).


  • Solved the problem with printers hanging around. In 10.4 I could print and the last job printed would sit in the queue spinning its wheels even though it had actually printed. I would have to delete the job to get the printer to close.
  • When mounting a server, the server would mount to the underlying system but would never show up on the Desktop. To solve this one I would drop down to the command line, issue a umount on the volume and the then remount it through the Finder.
  • The creation of PDFs now prompts for a title, keywords and such before it prints. I love this because I was previously entering this data after the PDF was created.
  • The Network system preference allows better management of wireless networks (this was definitely needed).


  • Its harder to determine what applications are running with the new translucent Dock. It may be a visual improvement, but its not an interface improvement.
  • The new icons are visually lame and are again not an interface improvement. I do not understand the all blue folder icons you receive in a folder view. Some have symbols to indicate what they are (like Music and Library), but why not use multiple colors and/or shapes? There should be more visual cues here.
  • In 10.4 when I mounted a server share, the share would show up as a drive. Now the share doesn’t show up at all except on the Desktop. It now shows up as the server and I have to drill down an extra level to get to the share. You can see this in the image below (red underline).
  • The option to burn a disc has been removed from the right click menu and is now only in the Finder, File menu (as far as I can tell).

I’m sure I have more pros and cons, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind. Ignoring the solved problems, 10.5 still remains a step back to me from a user interface standpoint. There are some cool new features, but I still find its taking me longer to get things done than it did on 10.4.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.30.

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