There’s a new REM release coming April 1. The question is whether it will be worth a damn or just an April’s Fool.

The last couple of REM CDs have been… how do I say… crap. Reveal had one (The Lifting), maybe two good tunes, but Around the Sun was an utter disaster. The latter didn’t survive one play for me . I hate to write this, because I’m a big REM fan, but bad is bad (and that was bad).

With that, I approach April 1 being a bit skeptical. I have heard the single Supernatural Superserious and its very good. Chronic Town good? Murmur good? No, I would not go that far (how could you beat Chronic Town?), but its as good as some of the middle releases like Document or Life’s Rich Pageant.

From what I can gleam from the Internet it appears that REM is making a big push for this release. They performed at SXSW, in what I would describe as an okay show. Not bad, but nothing that blew me away. However, since they played a bunch of new songs I will cut them some slack. Live shows are not always the best venues to debut unheard material, particularly if you’ve got a legacy of great music in your history.

Anyway, I woke up one morning last week(?) and REM were being interviewed on NPR. That was strange, but nice. There’s the early release of the CD on Facebook (streaming). And there’s the SPIN article where Micheal Stipe speaks about his sexuality (which is really a non-announcement announcement).

Is this a last gasp to regain some respectability? Possibly, not that I think any less of them for the later years. They’re great period…

… but PLEASE let this release be a good one.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.25.

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