I haven’t blogged about sports in a while, so I thought I would offer up a few thoughts.

NCSU, my alma mater, sucked as a basketball team this year.  Can’t say I saw a single minute of action, but their record of 15-16 speaks for itself.  That’s not counting the nine loses in a row that ended the season.  They never could put it together as a team.  Talent, yes.  Team, no.

The big to-do that was the expansion of the ACC to 12 teams has so far turned out to be a dud.  The Big East, which bitched and moaned about the ACC’s actions, has faired far better than they ever did prior to the expansion.  In the NCAA brackets announced yesterday the ACC received a paltry 4 bids while the Big East received 8.  I’ll not even slide into comparing football teams, which would make for an even sadder situation.

Roger Clemons is guilty as hell.  So is Bonds, but we already knew that.

The NIT should not exist as a post season tournament.   I’m sorry, but 65 teams in one tournament is enough. If you can’t make the NCAA’s then you should hang up your shoes until next season.

Lastly, if the NCAA’s does decide to grow beyond 65 teams it will be confirmation that of what we already know.  It’s all about the money… even it is the best tournament in all of sports… and it sure beats the hell out of the asinine bowl system.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.17.

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