I didn’t predict and/or comment on the Wyoming primary because 1- I was too busy at the office; and 2- I’m not sure it mattered.  Tomorrow’s contest in Mississippi will only matter in the fact that its the last primary until April 22.  That’s a long way off so a victory tomorrow would be beneficial.  Too bad Hil. Obama’s going to take this one in a runaway.

Honestly, I can’t imagine all the garbage we are going to put up with between these two until April 22nd.  Every little nuisance is going to be blown all out of proportion by the new media because that’s all they’ll have to feed on.  Its going to silly and ridiculous, but that is today’s campaigns.

As for the elephants, well… no one cares.  Mc won the elephant nomination, but that’s the last thing he’ll win.  Short of choosing a running mate, he no news.  Wonder if he’ll be alive come November?


~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.10.

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