8 things about me

At Julie’s prodding I find that I must produce the following post, such as it is. Eight random facts about me. Zzzzzz.

1- I can’t eat sweet potatoes.  Sweet potato pie is okay, but not sweet potatoes as in the casserole dish with the little white marshmallows on top.  When I was little I would eat it them all the time, but then I ate too many at kindergarten and you can guess the rest.  It was not a pretty site.

2- I do the daily crossword, but my spelling is so bad I rely on the Mac dictionary to bale me out.  Is it cheating? Kind of, sort of. I know the damn word. I just can’t translate it to characters in the little squares.

3- I was a surf nazi (skateboarder) in my tween/teen years.  I was never any good because I have a pathetic sense of balance.  It also doesn’t help to be tall.  The lower your center of gravity the better.

4- My first concert was Van Halen and I’m certainly not too proud of that.  The only things I recall from the show were 1- seeing someone in very bad shape being hurriedly carted out by the EMTs; and 2- all the lingerie that was tossed on stage.

5- When I graduated college I swore I would never live in Burlington, but yet here I am.  This is not a city for those looking for excitement.  Mayberry comes to mind.

6- I’ve never had a broken bone, still have my tonsils and appendix, and I have never been hospitalized for anything (knock on wood). Other than my orthostatic intolerance, I’m about as boring a patient as you can get (from a doctor’s perspective).

7- I did the Assault on Mt. Mitchell bicycle ride.  That’s about 70 some miles of rolling hills followed by nearly thirty miles of pure hell.  I remember, climbing and climbing and climbing, then hitting a very fast downhill stretch.  I was flying, holding on to the handle bars for dear life.  I was so cold, I was shaking uncontrollably.  Its a miracle I didn’t crash.  It broke me from cycling, although I didn’t know it at the time.

8- I cut my teeth in IT on COBOL programming. Hey, everybody has to start somewhere.  And I remember the day I discovered the new IBM compiler included linked lists.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.09.

One Response to “8 things about me”

  1. COBOL? Well well!! You know, I didn’t know any of these things!

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