Say Hi

 So we loaded up the Expedition and headed to Local 506 last night.  Julie, Melinda, Bobby and myself for a grand ole time of music and liquids.  When The Nothing Noise started we were the only ones present, but by the time Say Hi took the stage there was a fair sized crowd.

The Nothing Noise were quite impressive, at least to me, as an opening act.  I should have bought their CD, but I was too much of a slacker (they were that good).  Much better live than on their MySpace page.  The Big Sleep were the middle band, with an intensity of a heavy metal band mixed in with some traces of the Ramones (that’s my best take).  I couldn’t decide whether I liked them or not, but Julie loved them (she bought two CDs).  Say Hi (pictured) were the headliner and did an awesome job.  They’re minus a keyboard and bass player this time, but I thought Eric and the drummer (sorry I don’t have his name; Westin? Sam?) worked well together.  It reminded me a lot of the interplay of John Vanderslice and his multi-instrumentalist drummer.  On the last song of the night, Eric did a solo version of Let’s Talk About Spaceships, which was absolutely wonderful.  Please come back again!

More photos are available here.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.07.

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