A clean sweep

So what’s going to happen tomorrow?  I’ll say it will be the end of Hil’s run for the White House.  Texas and Ohio may be close, but Obama will take Vermont and Rhode Island.  It will be a clean sweep.

There are two things at play here.  One is Obama’s charisma.  People aren’t paying attention his stance on the issues.  They are dinning at the personality trough.  Based on how people choose, I don’t know that this is any worse than any other reason a person selects a candidate.  It certainly beats the person who always votes for one party or the other irregardless of the candidate.

Second is Hil’s vote to authorize the war in Iraq.  She can’t get around her vote no matter how much she dances.  Irregardless of what Obama does is the future or what he’s done in the past, not voting for authorization was the best move he ever made.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.03.

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