You get the rug

I’m sitting in the Cleveland airport waiting on my flight.  Take a look at this really bad camera phone image:

You may not be able read the sign, but it directs Continental Elite Access members to the left and the rest of passengers to the right.  So what’s the reward here?  The Elite Access members get to walk across the lovely blue rug (as opposed to the carpet).  Of course, the rug is only about 5 feet long so they’ll only get about 3 maybe 4 steps on the rug.  I wonder if it provides a few seconds of elation?  A quick high?  A “I’m better than you” moment?

Doubtful.  It really serves absolutely no purpose other than to make an Elite Access member think she/he’s get something the rest of us don’t.  Its stupid is what it is, because the Elite Access members are the first to board the plane (well, second after you count kids or anyone with special requirements) and they do what everyone else does.  They take the shortest route to the boarding pass checker.

This is really a marketing gimmick that fails miserably.  I suspect the upkeep on the rugs and the signs is costing them more then they return in marketing.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.03.01.

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