I’m in Cleveland yet again. Its February. Its cold. Its snowing.

I’ll be here through Saturday and the weather forecast shows little change from one day to next. Cold. Snow.

Amazingly, my flight left RDU this morning on-time (6:25am; been up since 3:15am) and landing just a few minutes early. I was expecting to be delayed, but you have to give the folks here credit. They know how to deal with snow. NC? Clueless.

I just had my usual two Blue Moons on tap with a nice plate of penne pasta at the Marriott. As soon as I finish these blog updates I plan to crash for the night. I just hope this makes sense.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.27.

One Response to “Cleveland”

  1. […] out of nowhere this week… Hot Cha Cha… to be exact… from Cleveland, Ohio… where I have been known to visit on occasion. Next time I’m up that way I need to see if I can catch these girls in a club. […]

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