Gates has become a complete moron

There was an interview today with Bill Gates on CNet. He’s asked about the takeover attempt of Yahoo and replies:

We think that the combination with Yahoo would accelerate things in a very exciting way, because they do have great engineers, they have done a lot of great work. So, if you combine their work and our work, the speed at which you can innovate and get things done is just dramatically more rapid.

The man has become a complete moron (but maybe not as complete as this guy). Taking one over staffed engineering group (Microsquish) and combining with a completely different group at Yahoo is not going to be innovative and its certainly not going to get things done more rapidly. In fact, it will be the opposite.

Neither group has its act together when it comes to competing with Google in search and combing the two only benefits Google. Its a case of zero plus zero equals a negative number (its not even good enough to be zero). It would be my guess that the really good engineers at Yahoo will jump ship before this goes down. From those that are left, they will be beaten down (assimilated is more like it) by the Microsquish oppressive management culture. Innovation? Forget it. Productivity? Don’t make me laugh. Rapid? Only in search market share.

What we have here is one large software company that has seen its better days and is floundering to find something else. The other is just plain floundering. I think you know which is which.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.21.

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