I don’t know my cheeseheads

I missed the call in Wisconsin.  Bucking the trend, I thought Hil would win a close one.  She didn’t.  Obama won taking 58% of the vote to Hil’s 41%.  A Texas win would give her life, but its not looking like that’s going to happen.  No win in Texas, no more Hil.

On the elephant side, Mc beat out the Snake Oil Salesman, 55% to 37%. At least I called that one.

What I find amazing here is the turn out.  Roughly, there were 1,099,000 voters for the donkeys, but only 375,000 for the elephants.   Why isn’t anyone discussing this (maybe they are and I haven’t stumbled across it).   That’s almost a 3 to 1 margin of donkeys to elephants. If the donkeys turn out only 50% of these voters in November and the elephants turn out 100%, the donkeys will still win by a wide margin.  I would not like to be an elephant supporter staring at these kind of numbers.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.20.

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