two out of three

1- Hil didn’t win a thing yesterday.  I said she might win Maryland or Virginia, but wasn’t even close.

2- Was it a tipping point?  No. Bad call on my part.  Has it occurred?  Some may argue the tipping point was Super Tuesday. I can see that, but think the tipping point has yet to happen and if it does it will occur in Texas.  Hil and Obama are running neck-n-neck, but she’s still polling like she will do well in Texas and Ohio (for now).  I think Ohio is going to Obama in a close race (this is a way early prediction), but Texas is the question mark. She has (had?) strong support from the Hispanic population.  If it hangs with her in Texas then this race is still on.  If they jump ship, she’s toast.

3- I did call it for the elephants.  Mc took DC and Maryland, but it was close in Virginia.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.13.

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