Tipping Point

Is tomorrow the tipping point for Hil?  If she loses all three primaries is she done?  I’d say its a strong possibility, but something tells me she’s going to win at least one primary tomorrow, either Virginia or Maryland (DC is going to Obama).  All she needs is one to keep this race a guessing game for a bit longer.  I’m hoping its the latter because keeps the elephants guessing as well.

Speaking of elephants, I’m guessing the snake oil salesman may win one tomorrow. Maryland and DC I’ll commit to Mc, but Virigina is a toss-up.

The SOS is in this for something. Sure he says its to win, but unless he is completely delusional (he might be), he must realize that he has no chance of winning the nomination, much less the election.  I thinks he’s hoping to become Mc’s running mate, but that would be instant death for the ticket. Maybe he’s planning to string things along until the convention when he’ll put in a call to god to have him smite all the Mc supporters and thus be the only candidate the elephants can back for the president.  Who knows?


~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.11.

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