Even thought the ballot counting continues, Mc took the elephants in significant numbers.  Not enough to cinch the nomination, but enough to put a serious hurting on the Fake.  The biggest surprise to me were the wins by the Snake Oil Salesman (SOS). Those hurt the Fake much worse than they did Mc (and you had to love the way the Mc supporters stuck it to the Fake in West Virginia). SOS winning so many States is a scary thing.  There are some seriously insane people out there.

For the donkeys, it appears that Obama won more States, but Hil won more delegates.  Go figure.  This race may go down to the wire with the super delegates being the deciding factor.  If the supers vote as their state populace voted, then things should be fair and square, but if they vote the other way this could get ugly.

So how did I do.  Correct on Mc.  I’ll call a tie on Obama and Hil since they split the win.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.06.

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