If government really wants to help me, keep your incentive money… not that I expect to receive any… but do something about the price of gas.  Profits like the one’s reported this week by Chevron and Exxon just disgust me.  These fat cats… which are good ole buddies of Bush and Cheney… could care less since they know they have us.  The way most of America lives forces us to commute to work and most everywhere else.  The oil companies can raise it as much as they like and they know we’ll keep on paying.

$4/gallon gas is probably in our future, although it will most likely come on gradually.  A big jump would spook Congress and that’s the last thing the oil companies want; although I’m sure Bush would veto anything that came his way.

Will we ever see gas below $2/gallon again?  I doubt it.  We’ve become too comfortable with $3/gallon gas and since there hasn’t been much of a stink over it, there is no reason for the oil companies to let it drop.

We’re screwed until a realistic alternative is developed.  Biofuels?  Nope, just plain stupid and nothing more than a stop gap.  Hydrogen?  It would be nice, but I’m not expecting it anytime soon.  I think its going to take something from left field, but what that is I do not know.

When it hits $4/gallon I’m breaking out the bike again.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.02.

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