Yasoft? Microhoo?

So Balmer and company are going to buy Yahoo?  What does that tell us?

First, Microsquish admits that its search engine, hotmail, and all its other Live offerings suck. Second, they have no hope of making them not suck from inside their on campus.  Third, they can’t stand that Google is beating the snot out of them left and right.

Therefore, buy Yahoo.  Including the stupid name combinations, this deal is has loser written all over it.  Take one bloated company with one culture, add in another bloated company (though not near as bloated) with another culture, and mix?  Out comes a Google beater?  No chance in hell.

The first thing Microsquish will try to do is Window-ize all the Yahoo applications.   Instead of lipstick on a pig, you have pig on lipstick.  I can’t even get my mind around how bad this is going to be.  Yahoo mail users will jump to GMail. Flickr?  God, what a shame that will be… I guess it will be a switch to Picassa.

Actually, it would not surprise me to see Microsquish kill off every thing but the Yahoo ad platform, because that’s all they really want.  They want a weapon to use against Google, but Yahoo only succeeds in being a great ad platform in comparison to MSN.  Pencil and paper succeeds against MSN.

This deal may not happen, especially in the EU, but I’m sure Microsquish has already set lose the lawyers and lobbists, so only time will tell.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.01.

One Response to “Yasoft? Microhoo?”

  1. You are true in a sense. But now the table has turned. Yahoo declined Microsoft.

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