Two Down

Two down and three to go, with the two being Edwards and Guiliani.

Edwards was a surprise, but a smart move.  There was nothing to gain by staying in. Sure he would have received some votes, but his relevance would have become less and less (not that it was much to start with).

I heard reports about his supporters blaming the media.  At first I dismissed this, but on second thought I think there may be a fair bit of truth in that reasoning. Until Obama jumped in it was essentially a two horse race of Hil and Edwards.  But the media and America can’t handle a three person race.  They want a two person race… a head-to-head competition.  There are examples all over the place. Football is two teams on the field per game.  Baseball, basketball, soccer are all two team sports.  Politics, with donkeys and elephants.

Now that its Mac, The Fake and the snake oil salesman, how much do we hear about the latter?  Seldom, but generally only when he says something completely stupid. The media just want him to go away so they can focus on the Mac and the Fake.

To use the old cliche, three is a crowd.

Turning to Guiliani, he spent $50 million to garner one electoral vote. One.  Yes, just one.  Did he do one right thing in his campaign?  Yes, he got out after Florida.

BTW, with McCain beating the Fake, I’m now 2 for 2 in predictions.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.02.01.

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