The fat lady is singing for HD-DVD

Once Warner Bros. dropped its bombshell, the fat lady started warming up.  Over the next week, she made it through the first movement of her opera. Right now she’s starting on the second.  Its not going to be long before she’s singing the final movement (no matter what Toshiba tries to do).

HD-DVD is dead.  Deader than Giuliani’s campaign.

If you’re an owner of a HD-DVD player I’d have it up on ebay, because is a few months your not going to be able to unload it.  Same for your HD-DVD titles. Dump those too.  Otherwise, you’ll be holding on to a electronic door stop and a stack of drink coasters.

I have to give Microsquish credit for not building the HD-DVD player into Xbox.  I’m sure there is some tinkering that will need to take place to make a Blu-Ray player work with an XBox, but bet you they’ve already worked this out.  Its only a matter of time before we see it.  Once it does, Toshiba can shut down the factory because the fat lady’s show will be over and she’ll be resting comfortably in her dressing room.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.01.29.

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