Is there a trend?

In yesterday’s SC primary there were 532,000 votes tallied which blew away the 280,000 cast in 2004. Only 446,000 votes were tallied in the Republican race.  Let’s think about this a minute. Irregardless of who gets the nomination, let’s just look at voter turnout. 532,000 is greater than 446,000, so who wins the White House?  The Democrat.  And remember, the races on both sides of the aisle were hotly contested.  Is any one tracking these numbers?

If Democrats turnout more voters than the Republicans, come Novemeber this is going to be a Democratic landslide (assume all the other primary/caucus States have followed a similar trend (and they may not have).  If they have, I would be one seriously worried Republican right now.

~ by Genevieve on 2008.01.27.

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