Twas the night before Michigan

…and all through the State not a Dem was stirring…  because only Hillary is on the ballot (sorry I can’t make it rhyme).  Boy, did the Michigan Democrats fuck that up.  Honestly, its just gas on the fire for an already  flawed nomination process.

On the other side of the waters we have what may be the last stand or Mr. Fake.  If he doesn’t win, he’s toast.  Silver will not cut it again (to use his overworked analogy).  If McCain wins it might be enough of a push for him to take South Carolina (but more on that in a future post).  The snake oil salesman should take third  with Senator Belfry finishing fifth or sixth.

Is Guliani even running in Michigan?  He’s played the fools gambit by only running in Florida (where he hopes to win by the potential votes of retired New Yorkers), but someone should tell him that his strategy is failing.  By the time Florida arrives no one will vote for him because he’ll have been a loser everywhere else (and American’s don’t like to vote for losers).

I’m going to say McCain takes Michigan by a close margin.


~ by Genevieve on 2008.01.14.

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