U2 War Tour

It was a rainy day in April of 1983 when U2 came to Chapel Hill for the first stop on their War tour. I think I was a sophomore in college (not at UNC). I have no clue how we got tickets (I believe it was Craig and myself, but honestly I would not bet money on who was there that day). I just remember it raining, the crowd not being overly large and the stage being too far from the seats.

I can’t tell you one song they played, but I can tell you that I was blown away. I remember the rain, I remember Bono and/or the Edge walking out on this makeshift runway and slipping (close to falling). I remember Bono climbing all over the stage (and on top). I remember Bono walking back to the dressing room at one point during a song. And lastly I remember Bono making some comment about the rain and how it made them feel like they were home in Ireland.

Other than my fading memory, the only thing I retain is the concert t-shirt (all my other t-shirts from this period have vanished).

Although the t-shirt is all I have, there is an excellent overview with pictures and interviews over at the Deacon Light web site. I highly recommend it… and you should definitely look at the pictures of Bono standing perilously on top of the stage.

A bit of thanks to Julie for sending me the invite to the Deacon Light group on Facebook (which triggered this post) and to DD for posting everything she has on the show.

Here’s a little addition in reply to DD’s comment:

The Chapel Hill date is the first on the tour.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.12.28.

5 Responses to “U2 War Tour”

  1. You were there? And you have the t-shirt? I heard that because this show was a last-minute addition to the tour it didn’t show up on the tour shirts. I can’t tell from your photo if it’s there… – ddt

  2. Its on the shirt. I cropped you a close up of the t-shirt.

  3. Say, I have been trying to find a shirt like this. I lost the one I bought at the June 13th show in Dallas. I would like to replace it. Somehow, it vanished, along with my other concert shirts. THe question is, how do I find someone that wants to sell a shirt like this? Is this one a L or XL?

  4. Can’t help you on finding a shirt from this show. Mine is either a small or medium. I cut the size tag out years ago.

  5. God I remember that show. I was in high school in Chapel Hill and we were getting into “alternative” music (WXYZ…I think). That’s what U2 was then. We saw REM at Duke sometime during the same period. Hmmm.
    I’ll never forget the music, the discovery, the flags, the rain, Bono’s perilous climb and the incredible feeling of hearing them for the first time live… And for anyone looking for the t-shirt – I don’t have one, but if I did I wouldn’t sell it for all the tea in Ireland!

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