Digging through the vinyl for the Talking Heads

Besides unique album covers, there have been some very unique album jackets.  In this instance, I present the Talking Heads with Speaking in Tongues.  This is the album that put the Heads on the radio map… at least around here… with the song Burning Down The House.  This was once clear plastic, but over time it has turned a nice shade of yellow.  The artwork you see on front and back are rotating discs.  The album itself is clear vinyl.

Side note: It just dawned on me as I write this that this packaging is the precursor to those hideous, plastic packages we now encounter so often with consumer electronics and the like.  Unlike those, this one is fairly easy to open.

I actually saw the Heads on the tour for this album when they came through Chapel Hill. I can remember waiting for the concert to start and seeing absolutely nothing on stage.  It was completely empty.  The lights went down and then David Byrne walks out on stage with his guitar and boom box.  He jumps into Psycho Killer and everyone went nuts.

If you’ve seen the Stop Making Sense DVD then you’ve seen this performance.  Get the DVD if you even the least bit interested.  Its in the top five of my all time favorite concerts… maybe top three.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.12.21.

One Response to “Digging through the vinyl for the Talking Heads”

  1. You forgot to mention that the cover design is by Robert Rauschenberg. Pretty cool.
    I have this disk on the wall behind my cassette, 4-track recorder.

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