I breezed through security, grabbed some grub, found my gate, booted up the MacBook Pro, paid for wi-fi ($7.99 for 24 hours) only to find that my flight is already delayed.  Not by much… about 20-30 minutes, but enough to make me wonder if it won’t slip further.   I knew I wouldn’t make that reservation.

There appears to be a flight in front of me that has a 3 hour delay. Now that would make me mad.

Anyway, I just the better part of 15 minutes listening to a cell phone conversation from a guy who had his tools and such stolen from his truck.  He must have repeated the story 5 times.  He made no effort to take the conversation elsewhere. He just sat in the middle of everyone going on and on about his stolen tools.

Unbelievably annoying.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.12.17.

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