So here we are

After a topsy turvy season of college football we are now at the time for the ill fated BCS to screw everyone over (minus two teams) and pick two schools for a championship game (making all other bowl games a useless afterthought).

The rankings are in and it appears to be Ohio State and LSU.  Yawn.

For me, the season ends now.  Bowls are meaningless.  The results are meaningless.  Ohio State or LSU will win and be named national champion, but we’ll never know how they might have stood if they had played Oklahoma, Georgia or most deserving of all Hawaii (who are undefeated; quality of competition aside).

Its all a sham.  Until we have an tournament its just as bogus to me as Barry Bonds home run record.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.12.02.

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