Tegan and Sara

I’m getting old. I was at the Tegan and Sara show last night. It was mostly women. Mostly girls to be more accurate and most of them more than half my age. There were guys there, but they were very much the minority… but hey, that’s not a bad thing (other than me being old).

Anyway, the show was great and the crowd was lively (lots of girls pulling and pushing energy from a band can make a lot of noise). I loved the between song banter, which is always better than the sound of guitars being tuned. There were a couple of headbands tossed on stage (which Tegan wore) and a bandanna and ring for Sara. I must say its been a number of years since I’ve seen a bra hit the stage, but one did last night (sorry I didn’t get a picture of that one).

It was 90 minute show, but it was a solid 90 minutes. Go see them if you get a chance.

This is Sara…

This is Tegan… between songs in the midst of another humorous story…

You can find more pictures (and larger versions) here.

Based on the calendars of Cat’s Cradle and Local 506 this will most likely be my last show of the year. There’s the Epochs/Mobius Band show at Local 506 on December 11, but I’m on-call that week so there little chance I’ll be able to make it. It will the second time I’ve missed Mobius due to on-call.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.11.18.

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