… is anything but.  I went to the Hallmark site tonight to purchase a Christmas ornament.  I navigated through the site to find the ornament I wanted and then put my cursor over the Add to Shopping Bag button.  I clicked.  Nothing happened.  I clicked again and again. Nothing.  Its not working.

So I try a different ornament.  Same thing.  I try a totally different product.  Same again.

I switch web browsers (Firefox to Safari).  Nope.  I switched OS’s.  IE7 on Windoze.  No go.

Oh, did I should mention the javascript errors…. oh yes, I should mention those.

So I hunt up the Contact Us page…. which is under Customer Service.  I run through a stupid survey first because how to email Customer Service did not immediately pop out (that may be my failing, not theirs).

I do locate how to email Customer Service.  The form is full of speed bumps and routing questions… i.e. have you looked at these potential answers… is your problem this, that or something else.  You know the deal.

I finally submit the problem and get this:  “Our goal is to respond to your inquiry within the next 4 business days. Again, thank you for contacting Hallmark.”

FOUR DAYS?  Unbelievable.

So is this an unsatisfied customer?  Damn right it is.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.11.09.

One Response to “Hallmark”

  1. Well kodoos for Hallmark. They did respond in the time period stated (submitted on 11/9, replied to on 11/12).

    Here’s their response:

    Thank you for contacting Hallmark.

    Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. You are absolutely right — and we hope you’ll accept our apologies for this oversight. We are working to correct it as soon as possible. Thanks again for taking the time to contact us — we look forward to serving you in the future!

    We appreciate your thinking of Hallmark.

    And just to show I don’t hold too much of a grudge, I did go out and buy the ornament in the store tonight.

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