Shout Out Louds

Another day, another show… Shout Out Louds no less. Excellent band. Excellent show (Cat’s Cradle, last night).

Nico Vega from L. A. opened. They were a trip, especially Aja the singer. Not quite my thing and kind of all over the place musically, but enough energy to power a small city.

Johnossi followed. They’re from Stockholm. Poor John tripped over something coming out on stage and busted his leg good. Not an auspicious way to enter, but it was quickly forgotten. They’re a two piece with John playing guitar and Ossi playing drums. Pretty good stuff… possibly something worth revisiting on their web site.

and on to the Shout Out Louds. They played a 15-16 song set (I think). I tried to grab the set list, but the roadie beat me to it and handed it out to others. I managed to get a picture by begging a kind sole, but it didn’t come out (all black).

Anyway, they played a good mix of songs from the first CD and the latest one Our Ill Wills. Ivan from the Rosebuds came on stage and sang along on one tune and then Kelly and the Rosebud’s drummer joined in for the final song of the encore. Seeing they are both Merge Records groups it only seems fitting.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.31.

One Response to “Shout Out Louds”

  1. Shout Out Louds are great, I’ve been waiting for them to come back to Manchester for a while now. I loved the last album, especially “Very Loud”.

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