Say Hi (To Your Mom)

First off I prefer the original name of Say Hi To Your Mom to the new name of just Say Hi, but its Eric’s band and he can call it anything he likes. Irregardless of the name, its great music.

Julie, Jay and I went to the Local 506 show last night. It was another in a long line of shows of West Coast band with low turnouts, but it didn’t matter to us. It was an excellent show and we enjoyed ever minute (as did the attending crowd).

I think Eric from SH remembered me from the March show at the Duke Coffeehouse. He’s a nice guy so go up and say hello if you get a chance. Band members are Nouela Johnston (keyboards and vocals), Westin Glass and Sam Collins. Not sure whether Westin plays the bass and Sam the drums or if its the other way round. I will say the addition of a bass player makes a big difference to the overall sound… making have more of the punch you get when you listen to the CDs.

Here’s the set list followed by the band shots. You can tell I used the digital camera this time instead of the crappy camera phone.

BTW, the new CD is called The Wishes and the Glitch and comes out in February, but those in the know already have their copies (along with the bonus t-shirt). Speaking of shirts, here’s my collection. The one in the bottom right is the bonus shirt. The bottom left is one of the new tour shirts. The one in the upper left does not come with the bleach stain (that’s my doing).

Please come back again Say Hi! … or at least play in Seattle when I’m out there again next July.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.29.

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  1. […] @ My good friend and fellow show attendee Gene Gene The Dancing Machine has a good review of the Say Hi show with much better photos so check that out. The show was great…not much to say other than […]

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