Microsquish Desktop Search

Microsquish continues to debase itself.  The latest move was the no-choice install of Desktop Search, which put a new taskbar in an already overloaded taskbar of options.  I mistakenly installed this program (garbage) on my old desktop PC at the office.  Performance quickly went to the toliet.  I killed it. It came back.  I killed it. It came back again.  I finally found the service and disabled it, but the damn search box still lived.  A co-worker emailed me a reg hack that should do the trick, but I should not be reduced to such things.

I know Microsquish did this simply as a petty maneuver against Google’s desktop search program (which everyone at the office has installed).  I’m sure they are thinking: Let’s force this upon our users so maybe, hopefully, they will live it and not be downloading the Google version.  We don’t care what the users think… we don’t care what it does to system performance… hell, we don’t even care if it works half assed… just as long as users don’t download the Google program.

Can’t you see Balmer thinking those very things?

~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.25.

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