Its not a Croc

Ok, they are some of the ugliest shoes around (even my Dad says so), but they are quite comfortable, easy to clean and most importantly… they don’t smell after bumming around in them all day long.

I got my second pair today (orange no less). If you’re going to wear something that’s going to stand out, then you really out to make it stand out.

My first pair, red ones, I bought in Seattle two summers ago. I had read about them in Wired Magazine prior to my trip to Seattle so I did a quick store finder on the Croc site and found that I could get them at Nordstroms. I’ve worn the hell of those shoes since then. They won’t make you cool… most fashion police would probably shoot you one site… but I could care less. They’re comfortable and that’s enough for me.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.24.

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