The new lows

How far will Bush’s numbers fall? Below 20%? I think so. Its a scary to think that there are people who still think he’s doing a good job… but I guess that proves that there really are some truly stupid people in the world.

Just as scary is Fred “Foghorn Leghorn” Thompson. The same supporters of Bush must be buying into this bag of wind’s campaign (i.e. the stupid people). I think the man is quite delusional. He thinks this is just another role like his one on Law and Order. Much like the show, he makes a brief appearance… says a few things… and then he’s gone. Out of all the candidates from either party, he has the most potential to completely destroy this country (and maybe the world).


~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.21.

3 Responses to “The new lows”

  1. I actually think you have that wrong. Out of all the candidates, Giuliani is probably the most likely to do serious damage to the country and the war. Giuliani’s statements on foreign policy all indicate a willingness to use force as a first response, and most of his foreign policy advisers are rabidly pro-war.

    Not a good combination by any standard.

  2. Yes, he appears to be quite the hawk (and that does worry me to no end), but where as Giuliani will outline a stance (as much as any political candidate will commit to one), Thompson only talks in broad polarizing statements.

    He’s almost a throwback candidate from days gone by…. he’s like a candidate out of time.

    Simply put, neither candidate gives me a warm-n-fuzzy.

  3. Yes, neither candidate is cause for celebration. I wouldn’t vote Republican, but if I had to deal with a Republican president, Romney wouldn’t be too bad. Yes he’s a shameless panderer, but his tenure as governor of MA is evidence that he’s fairly pragmatic, and is actually interested in the business of government.

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