The future of air travel

1- Pay to park the car in the airport parking lot.

2- Do electronic check-in because there is a charge to talk to an attendant.

3- Pay fee for one carry on bag.

4- Pay larger fee for checked-bag (fee based on arcane size/weight calculation).

5- Pay fee to board plane earlier.

6- Pay fee to depart plane earlier.

7- Pay fee to sit in section that offers flight attendant service.

8- Pay for all beverages.

9- Pay for all snacks.

10- No airline magazines (those are an additional fee).

11- No entertainment.  That costs more and is only available in another section of the plane.

12- Window seat is an extra fee as is the aisle row.  Middle seats are the cheapest.  Trading of seats is no longer allowed.

13- Pay to use the airplane toilet. Toilet paper is charged per sheet. Hand towels are charged per towel.

14- BTW, all flights require an upfront, non-refundable deposit to cover all fees you may incur during travel (in case you were thinking of skipping out on payment).  Your deposit is returned 30 days after the completion of your flight.

Think this funny?  Think it won’t happen?  Don’t fool yourself.  Some of these things are already implemented and others are being discussed.  Next to the music industry, no one is screwing its customer base faster.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.21.

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