If you weren’t at the Duke Coffeehouse on Saturday night you missed a really good band…  the band being Earlimart.

There wasn’t a large turnout, which was disappointing but not surprising.  I’ve noticed that bands that have the high West Coast profile don’t always draw well on the East Coast.  No matter.  I and others appreciated the effort the band put forth.  It was a good sampling of old songs as well as new ones.  I absolutely loved Everybody Knows Everybody. What a kick ass song.

Nice to meet you Aaron and to shake your hand.  I should have hung around to meet Ariana (great bass playing) and the rest of the band, but that’s was my faux pas.  Please come back this way again.

The Tourist opened.  To give them credit they were one of the best opening bands I’ve seen.  They seemed to relish the fact that they were the opening act which made them all the more entertaining.   I’d go see them again given the chance.

The middle act was Office, which is the band most of the younger crowd came to see.  Not quite my style, but I could understand why they might have a following.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.15.

2 Responses to “Earlimart”

  1. […] had a feeling there would be a light turnout (it was) because Film School (much like Earlimart) is more famous on the West Coast (which is a lose for the East Coast). Even with the small crowd, […]

  2. […] last time I saw the Tourist was just a little over a year ago when they were the opener for Earlimart. I thought they were good then and I thought Hunter was good now.  I wish his amplification had […]

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