Sweater Weather

The band, not the temperature (although it is turning chilly tonight).  I saw them last night at the Duke Coffeehouse.  They were the opening band (with Silent Years and The Never).  I’ve been trying to see these guys for months, but conflicts have always cropped up to keep me away.

Anyway, they played three songs so that should automatically tell you something. Either their set is very short or their songs are very long.  Its the latter.

I’d say they are very close to Shearwater in sound but not quite to that level of polish.  I liked the songs but all three were like watching the Return of the King.  There’s an ending… and then another, and another and another.  The songs are almost like orchestra pieces (and maybe that’s how I should treat them).

I think they are worth seeing again, maybe when they are the featured act instead of the opening one.

BTW, I bailed on Silent Years during the fifth song.  There was nothing there to hold me… nothing at all.  I would have liked to have heard the Never (good songs on MySpace), but I just couldn’t hang on.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.11.

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