The Brunettes

Thanks goodness for this show. It was the only plus of one really lousy weekend (most spent sick and/or asleep). I almost didn’t go because I still wasn’t quite feeling up to speed (dehydrated and undernourished), but it was well worth it.

Ferraby Lionheart opened. I was utterly clueless about Ferraby, but he (and the ban were good). I would say something in the style of Josh Ritter and Jason Collett. Surprisingly for me I preferred the more alt-country tunes then the more folk tunes, but maybe that was just my need for something more upbeat.

A side note — I was there as the band was setting up. I have never seen a drummer take more time with his drum set and this absolutely the first time I have actually seen a drummer tune the drum heads. I’m not being critical… just that I have never seen this done. He was quite good as drummers go.

As for the Brunettes… just excellent. The cure for a sickly soul.  Go see them if you ever get the chance, but be sure you learn the B-A-B-Y hand signals first!  Great song.

Jonathan located himself in the Local 506 cage while Heather and the rest of the band were on the stage. They played a good mix of new tunes and old ones.  There was a dance contest for a free CD (get the new one!) and a name sound out. How often do you see that?

I heard Heather state that they would be back in March so I’ll definitely be back.


~ by Genevieve on 2007.10.08.

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