Amazon vs iTunes (take one)

So Amazon has launched a real music store.  Looks interesting and I will definitely bite.  Mp3’s with no DRM.  Excellent.  Apple has that, but not at 89 cents (1.29 for Apple).  The only failing, like most of these Apple wannabes, is the extent of the available content.  Amazon can’t match the content of the iTunes store, but that may come over time (depending on the yahoos at the various record companies).

This is a big deal and not a big deal.  Its a big deal in that it under cuts the iTunes pricing and that it offers DRM-free music, but its not a big deal in the real bottom line of Apple i.e. the selling of iPods.

Frankly, I think a little competition is a good thing, particularly from a company like Amazon, which is generally respectable.  It will keep the pressure on Apple to continue to innovate and it will give the record industry someone else to bitch at (which is generally all they do).

And where is Microsquish in this mix?  NOWHERE.

~ by Genevieve on 2007.09.30.

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